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My face is older than you think I am, my soul is older still,
My bones have rattled amongst graves that your best intentions couldn’t save me from, I have bumped and I’ve been boneyard bruised,
I’ve been jumped, electricity in my fingertips, kicked, I’ve started, and I’ve been used.
My eyes…

Download link: http://www.audiomack.com/album/leonemon/n-o-i-r

The majority of N O I R was written in 2013 whilst I was at University. The only way to describe it is by saying it’s my experiences and thoughts of my first year on campus compressed into one project. When we weren’t in lectures, my campus was basically girls, drugs and alcohol 24/7. ‘N O I R’ means black in French and I thought it would be a perfect fit for the debut project because I when I look back on this, it will feel like I was in a dark place (I was). As an artist, sometimes I feel like artists make songs about anything but with this I’ve made sure every song has a different concept. Every song is a different feel and I think this showcases my ability as a musician.